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We provide all the best tools so you can manage your files easily and securely for your industry.

Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated.


Get setup quickly

Organize your network files and folders that is structured and is synced with your organizational charts.

Work together

Built for collaboration

Project Management just got easier with our tools to get the job done right. Use our tools with your project management applications to ensure deliverables are met.

Web and apps

Accessible on all your devices

Our apps will work on mac OS and Windows platforms.

Available 24/7

Backed by an amazing support team

Response time within 1 hour. No joke.

What customers are saying

“With Linx Apps I was able to zip and encrypt my files and I used my phone as a server for my files.”
Tina Jones
“Turning my USB stick into an Data Server was such a cool thing! I plugged it at home and accessed from work.”
Jake Warren
“Our Network drives were a mess! with Linx Apps we were able to better organize our network folders to ensure it does not go haywire again.”

Kim Smith

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